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Member Spotlight Feature

Croissant featured me on their blog, The Luminary to talk design and the foundations of Raw Haus.

I'm Amy, a creative and operations specialist. I build bridges for talented individuals and early stage startups to grow through their community. As a Creative Strategist, I design human-centered experiences for brands. Day to day, I wear lots of hats- I’m the co-founder of Raw Haus, the organization supporting emerging creatives in art, design, and technology; consult for early-stage startups under Shared Realities, head community engagement at the incredible non-profit Open Style Lab, and previously the Program Director at the retail accelerator, XRC Labs...

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In this joint discussion by Made in NY Media Center by IFP and Unhustle, we discussed how to connect with people and build meaningful relationships through networking.


Podcast: 21st Century Design, 5 Design Questions for Raw Haus

Gabi & I speak about our love for design, Raw Haus' role in the maturing of the creative industry, and our community engagement with the incredible non-profit Open Style Lab

In this episode we speak with RawHaus.

RawHaus is a creative driven community connecting emerging talent across the design, technology, and entrepreneurial space. Our goal is to provide a collaborative platform for sharing ideas, opportunities, and advice amongst members of the greater creative community in New York City

21st Century Design is a research podcast by Engage by Design (Rodrigo Bautista) and Regenerative Design (Jan Leyssens), in which we ask designers, tech-experts, writers, theorists, academics, activists and campaigners 5 questions on the future and role of design in creating the 21st Century.

PODCAST FEATURE: Purpose x Design on "All Possibilities" Podcast

On the this episode of the award nomindated "All Possibilities" podcast, Amy Jung, Design Strategist and CoFounder of Raw Haus, (a creative driven community connecting emerging talent across the design, technology, and entrepreneurial space) joins Julie Chan for a follow up from a prior full intuitive reading and to discuss how discovering and living her purpose led to helping companies & brands define their mission.