Happy To Help

Analysis, Strategy, Execution. In that order. Iterate all over again.

Organic Growth Strategy

As they say, I make something out of nothing. I help maximize your resources, small or large. Invest in only what you need. Listen to your users and leverage a community to grow.

Building Initial Internal Processes

You're a CEO/founder and honestly, you need to get sh*t done. Good thing I got a GSD.

Design-Thinking Workshop

In a I'm usually a facilitator. I come with

Design Thinking Workshop

You've got 5 days to solve a problem, limited resources to spend, and you're having trouble getting above the noise. Let's get you 

Hiring/Building a Team

I've helped over 50 individuals and companies hire. The right match is a mix of defining skill sets needed, targeted sourcing, timing, and getting knowing what both sides actually want.